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Le poker est un jeu de cartes utilisant un jeu de cinquante-deux cartes et des jetons se pratiquant à plusieurs joueurs... en savoir plus

Apprenez à jouer dans PartyPoker Ecole de poker.

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#1    PP PartyPoker              
               PartyPoker: Ceština,   Dansk,   Deutsch,   Español,   Français,   Magyar,   Norsk,   Polski,   Português,   Română,   Русский,   Suomi, and   Svenska  
#2    Pp iPoker (by Playtech) -
Sun Poker™ -  
        P      Everest Poker         More about Everest Poker and GigaMedia here.                   

        PP      Ladbrokes    Ladbrokes for Poker, casino, sports betting!!
   May 2008: Ladbrokes has a Welcome Bonus up to $500!!!    Download and try Ladbrokes now!!
        PP      Paradise Poker    6. Points fidélité : gagnes sur les jeux CASH et tous les tournois. Les points fidélités peuvent être utilisés pour entrer des tournois spéciaux
        Pp      International Poker Network     

Picking an online room?
    Select a rooms with a rank of  PP,  Pp, or  P.
    Avoid rooms with a rank of X because of U.S. DOJ risks, independent of your home country. Click here for more details on how to select an online poker room and the U.S. DOJ risks for rooms accepting U.S. players.

August 17, 2009, warning update, PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker named:

Quote from UNITED STATES -v- ALL FUNDS ON DEPOSIT..., p. 23 of 33:

Account Services has previously provided payment services for companies providing online gambling services, including PokerStars and FullTilt Poker, the largest internet poker business in operation. As set forth in greater detail in the Conte Wells Fargo Affidavit, there is probably cause to believe that the Wells Fargo Account Services Account was providing payment services for these online gambling companies in 2008 and 2009...

The Indictment also seeks the forfeiture of at least approximately $565,908,288, which represents the amount of proceeds obtained as a result of the illegal gambling and bank fraud conspiracies.

If you are outside of the USA, you still need to aware of this action as a possible future seizure of off-shore accounts, related to the US $565,908,288 claim could put your deposits at PokerStars and FullTilt at risk. Take this as a friendly warning. Act now and keep your funds safe from the hungry (and empty) US Treasury!!


Popular online sites, that accept US players and which you should AVOID because of possible future DOJ action resulting in your account being frozen for long periods of time (or just gone for ever), include:
   X Bodog Poker        
   X Full Tilt Poker        
   X PokerNetwork        
   X PokerStars        
   X Prima Network        
   X UltimateBet / Absolute        
   X World Online Network        
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Advanced ESL Guide:

How to use the PokerPulse Roll & Shuffle as an ESL Study Guide! - Follow the gambling links worldwide to find annotated examples of the best in English language literature, including novels, short stories, poetry, magazines, movies, music and the absolute best voices on recorded books.

Advanced ESL - Tips for the advanced English as 2nd language (ESL) learner, including a description of methods Voltaire used to learn English while exiled from his native France.

NEW!! Tips for quick improvements in English verb tense usage at our Gambler's ESL Guide -- Errors and Expectations page.


The Roll & Shuffle - the discriminating player's guide to gambling. A web gallery featuring history's most resplendent roués and sundry other examples of the key role gambling continues to play in cultures throughout the world.


About Rank [^]

The poker room and poker network rankings are based our observations of the real money hands and tournaments played in recent weeks. A #1 indicates the most active room/network. A room without a #1, #2 or #3 means PokerPulse does not estimate activity for that room/network.

The letters in the ranking have the following meaning:

PP in the rank column indicates the room/network is operated by and owned by a publicly traded company.

P in the rank column indicates the room/network is either operated by or owned by a publicly traded company.

Pp in the rank column indicates the room/network operator is a publicly traded company and some of the rooms on the network are owned by publicly traded companies.

X indicates that neither the room/network owner or operator is a publicly traded company.

_ indicates a to be determined status for public / private ownership.

Click here for more information on using rankings to chose an online poker room.


About Forecasts [^]

PokerPulse Action Forecasts are estimates of the real money poker activity levels you can expect to find in the next hour, in 2 hours and in 4 hours from the current time.

Our estimates cover each hour of the week. The forecasts are changed at the start of each hour. Refresh this page to view the latest forecasts.   

The Action forecast color codes for the action forecasts are setup as follows:

  GREEN: High or Peak real money poker activity. The busy hours for a room or network will show up in GREEN.
  YELLOW: Real money poker activity is slowing.
  RED: Low or Quiet real money poker activity. The hour(s) with the least amount of traffic will show as RED.
  No color code means a forecast is NOT available.