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PartyPoker and Party Casino were great sites. However, after multiple ownership changes and current GVC operations, I can no longer recommend any of the Party brands.

In my opinion, GVC have made arbitrary changes to historic accounts and refuse to answer any questions. IMO, do NOT trust and avoid all GVC brands!

PartyPoker & PartyCasino, RIP. January 2019

PartyPoker re-shuffles the deck for an all-new million-dollar hand
e-mail from PartyGaming
June 03, 2009 (version .1.0)


Gibraltar – 3rd June 2009 – The Million Hand Promotion is back! After a successful running back in March the popular promotion is back due to public demand and runs from Friday 5 June – Saturday 28 June. The promotion offers the chance to win a cool $1 million or even more! Players at’s real money tables will get a playing card for every 15 PartyPoints they earn during this period and will receive a prize when they’ve built a five-card hand. There’s a guaranteed cash prize if the hand features a pair or better – a royal flush will pay $1 million!

A spokesman said: “The promotion was so well received last time that the Million Dollar hand rides again from Friday onwards. The promotion is longer this time around and players can now earn 48 hands, which equates to 2 hands per day over 24 days, instead of the 34 hands it was limited too last time around. With more hands available the chances of a $1 million Royal Flush are much greater in June than it was when the promotion ran in March. The insurance premiums we paid for a $1 million Royal Flush payout are significantly higher than they were last time!”

“The last run of the Million Dollar Hand promotion was extended by five days because it was so popular. A total number of 70,908 pairs, 8059 two pairs, 3611 three of a kind, 628 straights, 436 flushes, 245 full house, 41 four of a kind and 3 straight flushes were paid out between the 11-27 March. In total 83,931 WINNING HANDS paid out over $700,000.”

There is no limit on the number of royal flushes that can be hit and the promotion starts with players getting their first card for free. This card will be available in a player’s PartyAccount on the 5th June. Points are not removed from player accounts following the promotion – they all count towards Palladium Lounge targets. ‘The Million Dollar Hand’ 5th - 28th June 2009 - Prize Structure

Royal flush$1,000,000
Straight flush$10,000
Four of a kind$1,000
Full house$250
Three of a kind    $20
Two pair$10
One pair$3

Players will only be able to reveal a maximum of two hands per day and 48 across the whole of the promotion period. All players have to go to their Party Account to reveal their cards; any unrevealed card/hand will not be taken into account. Full terms and conditions can be found at

As this Sunday’s Monthly Million gets closer, extra qualifiers are now online at for the $1 million guaranteed online poker tournament which promises to offer great value.

A spokesman said: “This Sunday’s Monthly Million will definitely be very juicy. It will offer value that you will not find anywhere else.”

The “50 Seat Frenzy” will run this Saturday at 11:25 EST (16.25 BST, 17.25 CEST) with 50 seats guaranteed. There are also “Super8” qualifiers running over the weekend which feature an $88 buy-in and a one in eight chance of getting through. Further to this there is an “Ultimate Qualifier” which is to be held on Sunday at 11:15 EST (16.15 BST, 17.15 CEST) which has a buy-in of $340 and 10 seats guaranteed in the one in two chance.

The Monthly Million is a $1 million guaranteed online poker tournament every first Sunday of the month. The fifth Monthly Million takes place at the end of this week on Sunday 6 June at 12.45 EST (17.45 BST, 18.45 CEST) and features a championship blind structure. The buy-in is $600+$40 but the diverse qualifying paths means you can join the qualifiers from as little as $1. The wide range of qualifiers includes $64+$4 daily satellites with 18 seats guaranteed, a MEGA Friday $50+$5 satellite that guarantees 20 seats and Super Satellite Saturday qualifiers with a $32+$3 buy-in and 18 seats guaranteed.

The paths into the Monthly Million are many – check out Monthly Million – Sunday 3 May 2009 – 1361 runners, 200 places paid – total prize pool $1,000,000

 1st  sailorboyxxx (FIN) $137,177.49
 2nd  super_proper (RUS) $123,802.28
 3rd  BLDNgSWTRs (SWE) $118,020.25
 4th  ChimpDumping (AT) $54,500
 5th  pr0tst (SWE) $46,000
 6th  AmyRied (GER) $34,500
 7th  mf8480 (DEN) $26,500
 8th  LordAton (CZ) $17,500
 9th  Lavalanche (CAN) $13,500
10th  PokaLoco (FIN) $9,500

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